Club Fitting


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Why Custom Fitting?

First lets talk about custom fitting! Custom fitted golf clubs are a surefire way to improve your performance. You can’t buy golf clubs “off-the-rack” and expect them to meet the critical variables of your swing. The golf swing just has too many variables that affect your game: like your height, body type, strength, amount of shaft bend in downswing, skill level, length of arms, angle of attack, and stance. Professional ClubFitters take all these variables into consideration to give you the right combination of clubhead and shaft to maximize your potential.

There is a mistaken impression that custom fitting is just for the better players. Frankly, the mid to high handicappers benefit the most from custom fitted golf clubs because custom fitted equipment greatly diminishes their inconsistent swing. With properly fitted golf clubs, golfers can no longer blame their equipment for misguided golf shots.  Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not produce equipment for custom fitting but rather to suit the widest range of golfers. For example, most brands offer one model and expect that to suit tour players as well as beginners... which is sheer folly. Many of these clubs will fit you, "okay". But is "okay" good enough for you? Will "okay" lower your scores?

To improve your performance, get fit by a bonafide professional fitter here at Tree Tops Golf  and play KZG.


Why Tree Tops Golf?

Each club fitting and build is conducted by Club Fitter and  PGA Professional Michael Girard.  Through the fitting process you will have an opportunity to be carefully monitored for proper swing mechanics, alignment, etc.  This is a very important process in the fitting, fitters that do not understand the swing will unintentionally misfit the player with out knowing it.  The bottom line is if you want the best come visit us at Tree Tops Golf.  The experience and knowledge you get will change your game for ever.

We will fit you for any clubs. Including custom KZG Clubs!  You are the first to know about this cutting edge technology used by the top PGA Tour Players! KZG’s  Club Fitting Program is a symposium for the top clubfitting professionals who want to practice their craft at the highest level.  Call or stop by to book your fitting session with Michael today 352-259-2313.

Michael R. Girard
PGA Professional
Custom Club Fitter