Club Repair

We offer the following services:

  • Shaft Frequency Analyzing 

  • Spining

  • Re Gripping

  • Re Shafting Woods

  • Re Shafting Irons

  • Checking Loft and Lie/Bending Woods and Irons

  • Bending and Adjusting Woods and Hybrids

  • Shaft Extensions 

Professional Club Repair Services Include:

Re-Gripping- Variable Pricing

Loft & Lie Bending- $75 Set of 8

Swing Weighting

ReHead - $10 per club

Re-Shafting- Variable Pricing

Putter Bending - $10     Frequency Testing - Set - $25

Why do I need to re grip my clubs?

The grip is one of the most important components in golf and the only part of the club that you actually touch. Grips are made of materials that age and wear as a function of time and use. Ozone, heat, dirt and oils from your hands all age your grips and cause the natural degradation of the grip. The traction that a fresh grip provides lets you hold the club lightly without the subconscious fear of losing the club during your swing. This relaxed state promotes proper swing mechanics and wrist action. While a worn grip causes you to grasp the club tighter, causing arm and wrist tension that inhibits proper swing mechanics and leads to a loss of power and control. A fresh set of grips is an inexpensive and fast way to bring a noticeable change to your game.