Ladies Golf Lesson & New Clubs Combo (Limited Time Offer)

Ladies Golf Lesson & Clubs Savings Combo
For under $300!

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(Inlcudes a 45 Minute Golf Lesson, a 45 Minute Practice Session, and Fitting with Golf Clubs!)

Are you ready to get your game started or getting back in the swing of things?  Now is your chance to have one of our Teaching and Club Fitting Professionals set you up with a Golf Lesson and a beautiful set of Ladies Clubs fit just for you, for a value that will not break the bank!  Set comes with everything you need to play all golf courses!

This combo is for the 7-piece starter set. Starter sets include a lightweight stand bag. Lady Edge packages sets are also available in -1" petite length. Available in ladies right hand. Teal set is available in 1" long and left hand.  Make it the full pc with cart bag for $120 more!

(Max: 100)
$414.99    $289.00 (30% off!)